Redefining Precision Medicine

We are building the future of precision medicine to improve the quality of life for millions of patients around the world.

Bases for success

Our Proposal

At GeneproDX, we combine genomics and artificial intelligence to transform cancer diagnosis into a simple and fast process. Our goal is to provide diagnostic certainty, reducing costs to healthcare systems and avoiding unnecessary surgeries. Thanks to our innovative tests, patients and physicians can make decisions based on accurate and timely diagnoses.

Our Mission

We provide physicians and patients worldwide with a precision medicine solution to resolve  the uncertainty of indeterminate thyroid nodules through our innovate ThyroidPrint® test.

Our Vision

To be pioneers and leaders in global diagnostic solutions for patients with indeterminate thyroid nodules by continuously driving innovation and maintaining the highest quality standards in our processes. We strive to help physicians around the world solve diagnostic uncertainty for their patients by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence in molecular testing.


Startup and research

A research group led by Dr. Hernan Gonzalez is formed at the Oncology Laboratoryof the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
Previously in 2007, he participated in an entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, presenting his thyroid cancer detection test. Despite initial setbacks, he sought funding from CORFO and BMRC for the development and validation of the ThyroidPrint® test in biotechnology.

Consolidation of Clinical Studies

2017 - Publication of test prototype development, with a cohort of 1,300 patients in Chile:

"Thyroid 2017 Aug. 27(8): 1058-1067. Doi: 10.2089thy 2017.0067"


In 2019, the technology used by ThyroidPrint® was patented. This patent has been granted in Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

2020 - 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic began

Due to the pandemic, GeneproDX partnered with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s "Proyecto Esperanza“, a project for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. This made GeneproDX an authorized laboratory by the Ministry of Health and expanded its services to respiratory patients under the GENEPRO brand. They offered COVID-19 testing until December 31, 2022.

GeneproDX today

As of mid-2022, GeneproDX resumed centralized service for the ThyroidPrint® test to date.

Mapping Our Future: Reaching the Whole World

At GeneproDX, our passion for innovation and positive impact on health drives us to make aglobal difference. We look to a promising future, making precision medicine accessible to all, providing people with valuable information to improve their lives.

Our Technology

ThyroidPrint® was developed to predict benignity of indeterminate thyroid nodules using innovative real-time PCR technology and neural network-based algorithm analysis. ThyroidPrint® can safely avoid unnecessary thyroid surgery in 2/3 of patients.

It provides the following performance parameters: Sensitivity 91%, Specificity 88%, Negative Predictive Value 95% and Positive Predictive Value 78%

Our partnership with Biocartis

Thanks to the partnership between GeneproDX and Biocartis, ThyroidPrint® becomes the world's only decentralized molecular test for thyroid nodules through the Idylla™ platform, allowing hospitals to perform the analysis directly on-site.

How does it work

Step 1

Scan sample & Cartridge

Step 2

Insert Sample in the Cartridge

Step 3

Insert the cartridge into the Idylla™ system and get the result within 3 hours

Time Saved

First molecular test of its kind: analyzed at the hospital in less than 3 hours


ThyroidPrint® can be tested directly in hospitals equipped with the Idylla™ platform.


Available globally thanks to the presence of Biocartis in more than 88 countries.

World Presence

At GeneproDX, we are leading a global revolution in reclassify indeterminate thyroid nodules diagnostics. Our cutting-edge technology is expanding our presence beyond Europe and Latin America. Over the next two years, our determination and our descentralized model through Idylla™ Platform will take us to every corner of the world, providing patients and doctors with fast and accurate results.

Join us in creating a future where innovative tests unlock the answers to critical clinical questions, transforming treatment decisions and saving thyroids. Together, let's conquer the world avoiding thyroid unnecessary surgeries!

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