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GeneproDX offers an exciting investment opportunity through ThyroidPrint®, an innovative thyroid cancer diagnostic test developed in partnership with Biocartis. ThyroidPrint®'s unique decentralized model enables its global accessibility, addressing the critical need for rapid and accurate thyroid nodule diagnosis. This positions GeneproDX as a major player in the future of healthcare investment.

What makes us UNIQUE

Our decentralized model, enabled by the Idylla™ Platform, allows testing in just 3 hours in more than 88 countries.

Market Access on five continents, including the USA.

The market: a
$ 2 billion per year global opportunity

ThyroidPrint®, as the first and currently the only test for indeterminate thyroid nodules available in Europe and LATAM, is paving the way in a market valued at US$ 2 billion per year. Our strategic plan is to consolidate our initial leadership and expand into Asia and the Middle East by 2025, to enter the U.S. market by 2025 and then Canada and Oceania by 2026.

Three key facts

1.25 M thyroid FNA

Annually 1.25 M thyroid FNA biopsies are classified as indeterminate. In these cases, the risk of cancer is 25%, so surgery is recommended in most cases.

900K unnecessary surgeries

Approximately, 3 out of 4 surgeries on patients with indeterminate thyroid nodules are benign, resulting in an  unacceptably high rate of unnecessary surgeries (900k/year globally)

Saving $1.26 billion per year

In the U.S., unnecessary surgeries for indeterminate thyroid nodules cost the health care system approximately $1.26 billion per year.

Predicts Benign Nodules
Avoids Unnecessary Surgery
Diagnostic Platform
Number of Biomakers
Turnaround time (TAT)
3 hours
Current Regions
Latin America / Europe

General management of the company

At GeneproDX, we have a team of experts, complemented by advisors and board members, who guide GeneproDX's vision and ensure that our innovative approach to precision medicine reaches every corner of the world.

Executive Team

Hernan Gonzalez MD, PhD  Founder, CEO &
Board Member

Professor of Surgery P. Universidad Católica de Chile
Santiago, Chile

Carlos López, MBA
Executive VP

Global Strategy & Operations  
Barcelona, Spain

Natalia Mena, PhD, MBA

LATAM Business Development and Sales
Santiago, Chile

Nicolás Droppelman MD
Clinical Advisor
Chief of the Division of Surgery
Universidad de los Andes
Santiago - Chile
Chris Holsinger, MD
Clinical Advisor
Chief Division Head & Surgery
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
Daniel Maestro, MBA
Managing Director Europe
Operations & Marketing
Barcelona, Spain


Katherine Tynan, PhD
Board Member

Business Strategy Advisor
San Francisco, CA

Rolando Brawer, PhD, MBA Board Member

EVP, Strategy &  Corporate Development at  Berkeley Lights
San Diego, CA

Rodrigo Guerrero
Board Member

CEO at Family Office Girona Investment  Miami, Florida

Pablo Fernández
Board Member

General Partner at Fondo Alerce Venture Capital
Santiago, Chile

Hernan Gonzalez MD, PhD  Founder, CEO &  Board Member

Professor of Surgery P. Universidad Católica de Chile
Santiago, Chile

Investing in GeneproDX means accelerating precision diagnosis, avoiding unnecessary invasive procedures by accurately ruling out thyroid cancer.

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