Resolve Your Uncertainty

Take control of your health with ThyroidPrint®, getting a clear and accurate diagnosis of your thyroid nodule and avoid unnecessary surgery.

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Why choose ThyroidPrint®?

ThyroidPrint® is a molecular test that accurately classifies indeterminate thyroid nodules as benign or suspicious for cancer. This crucial information, derived from 10 genetic markers, provides diagnostic certainty, filling the gaps left by traditional biopsy methods.

Two out of three patients who undergo the ThyroidPrint® test have a benign result.

Choose precision diagnostics to avoid the 75% of surgeries that are unnecessary for indeterminate thyroid nodules.
ThyroidPrint® has a diagnostic accuracy of over 95%. It can reclassify your nodule as benign, which is equivalent to a Bethesda II result on a fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNA).
Over 1200 patients have already benefited from ThyroidPrint®, and we are constantly growing to make the test more accessible to you.

For more details about the ThyroidPrint® test and how to request it, we recommend you visit our website:

What our patients are saying?

Ximena Urzua
I was able to avoid an unnecessary surgery.
Macarena Bustamante
I thought it was a great option to really find out if surgery was necessary.
Maria Herrera
I was able to resolve my diagnostic uncertainty.

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