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Unleash the full potential of precision diagnostics with ThyroidPrint®, revolutionizing indeterminate thyroid nodule analysis for improved patient care.

ThyroidPrint®: Your partner in Precision Diagnostics.

Envisioned from 15 years of rigorous research at GeneproDX, ThyroidPrint® is our response to the crucial need for decisive diagnostics. We've woven together genomics and artificial intelligence, creating an unparalleled tool to elevate your diagnostic journey. With ThyroidPrint®, you gain a powerful ally in precision medicine, transforming patient care and achieving shared triumphs in the fight against indeterminate thyroid nodules. Join us in the patient care

Experience the ThyroidPrint® Difference


Simplicity and Versatility

Run ThyroidPrint® in your own hospital, or opt for the centralized model in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Improve Patient Experience

Reduce unnecessary surgeries and the stress of uncertain results, dramatically improving the patient journey.

Partnership Opportunity

Joining forces with ThyroidPrint® gives you the chance to be part of a game-changing diagnostic approach.

Resolve Your

ThyroidPrint® predicts whether an indeterminate thyroid nodule is benign or not with high diagnostic accuracy allowing to avoid diagnostic surgery.

GeneproDX presents ThyroidPrint®, a molecular diagnostic tool streamlining the management of indeterminate thyroid nodules (Bethesda III/IV). This fifteen year long research output redefines nodules as Benign or Malignancy Suspicious, boosting patient care decisions. GeneproDX® is accredited by College of American Pathologists (No. 1821095).

Test Performed
We are in 8 Countries
Surgeries Avoided

Scientific evidence

ThyroidPrint®, globally validated in hundreds of patients, including those from the USA, ensures consistent and top-quality results. We invite you to download and delve deeper into the studies that support our test, which have been recognized in reputable publications such as the Thyroid Journal. These studies demonstrate the rigorous scientific research and proven clinical value of our test.


Biomarker Discovery & Development

This paper provides the insight on the biomarker discovery process and classifier development to reach a statistical performance necessary to serve the intended use of ThyroidPrint® (Rule-out).


Test Design & Statistical Rational

This review addresses the statistical rational supporting the intended use of molecular testing for indeterminate thyroid nodules.


Clinical Validation

This publication is reports two-independent multicenter – prospective trials that validate the clinical performance of ThyroidPrint® in two- ethnically diverse cohorts


Independent Comment by Expert

This publication is a summary and comment by an independent expert about the clinical validation studies of ThyroidPrint®.


Independent Comment by Expert

This publication is a summary and comment by an independent expert about the biomarker discovery & development of ThyroidPrint®.


This test allows us to trust with high certainty that the patient will resolve their uncertainty and avoid the cost of unnecessary surgery. It is an examination with benefits for both the hospital and the patient.
Dr. Cristina Göens
Endocrinologist - Hospital La Florida
Of thyroid nodules classified as Bethesda IV, only 25% end up being malignant. ThyroidPrint® has avoided surgery in many of my patients with all the costs and risks it entails.
Dr. Antonio Zapata
Surgical Doctor - Hospital Regional de Antofagasta

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